I am a current graduate student of history at the Louisiana State University. My focus is twentieth century, WWII and Post-Holocaust Memory in the US. Luckily for me, my studies have brought me over to Europe for the summer, and although I will be heading back home to Louisiana soon, there are many more European adventures in my future!

I want to share my passion for history with you, and I want to educate while entertain! Follow along with me as I travel the paths of the people before us.

The name “LUVLY Travels” comes from my license plate, LUVLY1. A surprise from my father when I was sixteen years old, the license plate soon became my nickname. Today, most of my friends refer to me as “Luvly”. And as those friends begin having babies of their own, the nickname has begin to slightly shift into “Aunt Lovey”.

Family, friends, dog loving, warm weather, nice wine, rainy Sundays, real laughs, good books, intelligent conversations, witty banter, shopping sprees, beet salads, sweaty workouts, weekend getaways, museums, high heels, LSU Tigers, adventures, pretty lipsticks, and personalized license plates (like my own – LUVLY1!) are a few of my favorite things!


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